Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

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Aside for selling a bit of fruit today, and collecting my letters (one of which was a present from the Town Hall telling me I have over 10,000,000 bells in my account), I spent a while clearing out my house. I was completely out of space to put anything, so packed my Snowman stuff away, sold a load of clocks and non-matching items, and went and ordered all the fruit furniture from Nook. While I was in Nook’s I cleaned him out of everything too. Turnips were back down to 117 bells today, so I was pleased I managed to sell yesterday.

I did, however, find out that Carol in Catland had Nook buying for more than 500 each in her town, about half an hour after I’d sold all mine. Grr!

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