Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Due to spending all morning either in bed or playing New Super Mario Bros, I didn’t go Sunday Morning Turnip Buying. So, using the power of DS clock alteration, I magically made it morning again. Hurrah!

Didn’t want my savings to dip below 10 million bells, so only withdrew 230,000 with which to buy turnips, which were 96 bells each today. I got loads of post as well – most of it from Nook (items I’ve ordered), but also got two from the HRA. One of them was a present – a model of a single storey house – for getting my HRA score over 70,000. In fact, it went up from about 51,000 to about 92,000 in just this week. It seems my tidying up over the last few days really made a difference!

My wife came over then, with a painting I didn’t have. In return, I gave her a painting and a Country Guitar so she can pass that on to K.K. Slider next weekend. Also sold some fruit while she was around, and bought everything in Nook’s again. Still need another 8,233 points there to become a Platinum Member, though.

Oh, and Cesar the Monkey has moved back. Except he hasn’t – he’s a different Cesar. This one came from Snokvill. Bah. I didn’t want him. Get lost, stupid monkey. In other Animal News, it seems that Margie the Elephant is actually a boy. One of the other animals refers to Margie as “he”, you see. Of course, he’s a rampant homosexual as today he told me he’d thought of the “Four Somethings” he needs when he gets married, he just didn’t know which boy he was going to marry. Just so you know who Margie is, here’s a picture:

How very modern of you, Nintendo.


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