Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

K.K. Slider night tonight, so I popped over to the Cafe for a listen. He played “Agent K.K.” for me, and it was so obviously trying to be a Bond theme I’m surprised Nintendo haven’t been strung up for it. Mind you, “Rockin’ K.K.” (my wife’s tune this evening) is blatently Jonny B Goode. Oh well.

As well as the “gig”, I also sold all my turnips last minute for just 114 each. Not much of a profit, but at least I didn’t miss out. Dug up my red turnip too, and added it to my collection of about ten million red turnips in my house.

Also bought everything off Nook again, and ordered four moons. I now have 4,300 points left before Platinumisation. After all that, I went and visited some of my animals, did some errands, and gave Frobert a shirt as he was complaining he was making his other one sweaty. Nice.

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