Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Today is Yay Day again, but I mostly ignored that fact and just got on with the important task of buying turnips and selling fruit to make money to buy more turnips. They cost 96 bells today, and I spent about 265,000 bells on them. Not loads, but I didn’t want to break into my 10,000,000 again. I’d have had more, but all my money this week has been going to Nook for moons…

Speaking of moons, two arrived in the post from Nook today. Also had post from “Mom”, one from Cesar (he’s moved out – again), and also two from the Happy Room Academy. One of the HRA letters had a present of a Two Storey Model, since I’ve just got over 100,000 HRA points. Aces!

With the business of the day out of the way, I went and visited some animals, and complemented them with such phrases as “yuo suXX0r!” and “ACEBEST!!!”.

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