Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Did plenty of stuff today. Aside from the usual moon and shopping shenanigans, I visited all my animals and talked loads to them. I was hoping to get another picture from one of them, but no. I’m “good friends” with most of my animals now, especially Friga, Nan and Margie, but none of them want to give me their picture. Stupid animals.

Lucky was sick again today, so got him some more medicine. I hope he dies. I also hope Camofrog dies too. He moved in today and annoyed me already. Why doesn’t Nook sell weapons you can actually use? There’s a Ninja Sword and a Master Sword and stuff, but you can’t swing them round and slice animals up with them, can you? Useless.

Also useless was Nook’s turnip price today – 63 bells. I hate him too, although I am just 2,500 points away from being a Platinum Member, and I have every faith that upon reaching that status, Nook and his annoying nephews will explode.

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