New Super Mario Bros (DS)

New Super Mario Bros (DS)

It’s the first proper 2D Mario game in 15 years. And it arrived today. And… it’s fantastic!

Spent about two hours on it so far. I’m going to rip through it to the end first, before going back and unlocking everything and finding the secrets, as that way you get the “save anywhere” option.

So far I’ve made it to World 6. Of 8. Yes. Already. I didn’t unlock World 4 though, so I’ve only really done four, not five.

But it has been great so far. It’s just like Mario 3, only with Mario 64 moves and graphics, and in 2D. Only… different somehow. It’s like a retro game and a new game both at the same time.

It is very easy so far though. I’ve died only three times – once down a hole, and twice on a mole-in-a-tank boss. I’m hoping World 8 will be a bit more of a challenge.

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