The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

After making a million more potions (I’m Journeyman of Alchemy now – yay!), and breaking into someone’s basement to steal all their food, I decided to return to Imperial City to pursue the Grey Fox.

As I left Bruma, I found the horse Martin was riding previously, so I nicked it. Well, technically I didn’t steal it as such, as it was a Weynon Priory horse and it was free for the taking. But anyway. So off I rode to the south, past the Oblivion gate, and on towards Imperial City. Along the way a few wolves attacked me (or rather, my horse), but I killed most of them.

Interestingly (and somewhat hilariously), at one point a wolf that was following me broke off it’s attack to focus it’s teeth on something in a bush. It turned out to be a bandit with a bow, who tried to defend himself against the wolf, but died. I then finished off the wolf, and bagged all the loot. Hurrah!

I then stumbled across a farm, and as I jumped around the grounds, I heard the baa’ing of sheep. But no sheep. Until I bumped into something invisible. Invisible baa’ing sheep! That’s the most ACEBEST thing in any game ever! I was then approached by an invisible person, who told me everyone had been made invisible by a wizard who lived nearby in some ruins. Ruins full of invisible monsters. I was resigned to finding the Grey Fox, but I will definitely be coming back for this, the most genius of genius side quests!

Finally, I reached the stables outside Imperial City, where I’d left my previous horse. Sadly, a wolf had been following me, so as soon as I dismounted the house, the wolf attacked it and chased it off. The stable workers ran after the wolf and killed it, but it was too late – my horse was dead. And my previous horse… missing. Either that or the stables stole it.

In order to MAKE THEM PAY, I saved my game and attacked one of the workers. Sadly, he ran off and found a couple of guards who then tried to arrest me. Oops. But then I had an idea! I jumped onto the stable roof, where the guards couldn’t reach me, and shot fireballs and arrows at them until they died. I’m winner! And then I went inside the city and was instantly arrested. Bah.

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