The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

Found an Inn in the Market District and paid for a bed. Lo and behold, I was woken by a man in a black habit. He told me to go to the Inn of Ill Omen, south of the Imperial City (and en-route to Bravil) and kill an old man there named Rufio. Upon doing so, I would be able to join the Dark Brotherhood. The going-to-sleep thing raised me to Level 5 as well, so I spent my “points” on things to help my magic, health and strength.

So, after selling a load of things I didn’t need, and making a few more potions, I set off. First East, past the sewer exit from the beginning of the game (that seems such a long time ago now!) and then south, west, and south again. As always, the views were stunning, passing away from the lake surrounding Imperial City into hills and then forest as I neared the Inn. Just before reaching the Inn, however, I spotted flames through the trees – and my guess was confirmed as the sky turned red as I approached: another Oblivion Gate! I really should go in and close them, you know. Maybe another day…

Finally, I found the Inn. Inside I was told that Rufio was asleep in the basement, so I sneaked in, crept up to him, and killed him as he slept, with a single blow from my sword. And then stole the one gold coin he was carrying.

I went back upstairs, talked to the Imperial Forester Guard Bloke, calm as you like, then asked the innkeeper for a bed. Again, I was woken up to be told I was now in the Dark Brotherhood. Hurrah for another 10 gamerpoints! This also made me Level 6, and I spent my points much as before. I can carry 255-worth of stolen goods now!

Before leaving the inn, I had a quick chat with the innkeeper and the guard again, who clearly hadn’t noticed the corpse downstairs (or that Rufio hadn’t come up for breakfast), and then off I set for Bravil, seeing as it was pretty close by. Unfortunately, the second I left the Inn, the Guard chased me and said I was a criminal! “Oh no!” I thought, “he’s discovered the body!”, In fact, he was arresting me for stealing the one gold from Rufio. How he knew I had done, I have no idea. And why the hell wasn’t I being done for murder? Anyway, I paid the bounty (one gold), and magically appeared outside Bravil Castle, saving me the walk.

Unfortunately, the arrest also meant all my stolen items were taken from me. That was only one item, however – the Apprentice Alembic I stole from Chorral Castle aaaaaages ago. This left me without an alembic, so I headed to the Bravil Mage’s Guild and borrowed another. Sadly, it is only a Novice Alembic, but it’s better than nothing.

Saved my game for the night, and my save file shows 28 hours of play so far. And I still haven’t actually progessed much with the storyline!

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