The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

Since I was in Bravil (I wish I could stop reading that as Breville – I keep thinking about sandwich toasters) anyway, I thought I might as well explore. And sell everything in the Mage’s Guild shop back to the shopkeeper, as it let me take them and do so. That made me a tidy sum!

I’ve opened up several new quests too – I have to find a Mage Staff, owned by the woman in the guild shop and stolen by a guy in the pub, who sold it to someone in Imperial City. I haven’t gone there yet, though. There’s another mage gone missing (just like everywhere else), only apparently he’s trapped inside his own experiment or something, and there are rumours of a ghost who appears at a bay south of Bravil.

After exploring, I decided to head south to this bay, fighting a few things on the way. Reached it at about 11pm, and although I saw the “The Forlorn Watchman”, I’d obviously arrived too late for the “trigger point” and after following him for a bit, he vanished.

I went back to his “spawn” point, and waited until the next 8pm. He appeared, and I followed him around the coast, heading mostly south. Eventually he stopped and looked out across the water. He then turned to me and told me his real name, before saying I needed to go to the “Panther’s Mouth” or something. After that, I went back to Bravil and quizzed the innkeeper there (who seems to know all) about the Panther’s Mouth. I now have a new mission!

I saved my game (29.5 hours in now), and for a bit of fun, I sneaked into the City Swimmer’s house, and killed her while she slept. I stole her gold too. As happened yesterday, I was arrested upon leaving the house – but only for theft of 5 gold coins. Stupid.

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