The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

I’m now about 31.5 hours in to this huge, huge game. And I still haven’t even scratched the surface.

Firstly, I quick-travelled to Imperial City, found the guy with the staff I needed, and brought it back to Bravil. I took it to Kud-Ei at the Mage’s Guild, who has now sent a recommendation to the Arcane University.

I wandered around Bravil some more, and found a few items that I wanted to sell. I stupidly jumped off the roof of a building, hurting myself somewhat, so I went to heal up. However, I pressed RT instead of RB, and so was left holding my bow, aimed at a guard. Oops.

Not wishing to shoot him, and not wanting to lose the arrow, I accessed my inventory whilst still holding my bow back. I then got a bit confused button-wise, and am not really sure what happened, but somehow I ended up firing 56 Weatherward Circlets at the guard. Which is odd, since I only had one. I went and picked them up, and sold 55 of them for 751 gold each. I went from 2,500 gold to over 30,000 – just like that.

With my new-found cash, I bought a load of useful and interesting spells (including upgraded versions of my fireball and healing spells), the most interesting of which was a telekinesis spell. I also bought a house from the Count of Bravil for 4,000, and decked it out with “all mod cons”. Dumped a load of stuff I want to keep, but not carry round with me, in my new drawers. I can’t figure out how to put books on shelves, though.

After all that, I went back to see the chief mage at the Mage’s Guild (Kud-Ei) and opened another quest. This involved going into a bloke’s dream, where he’s trapped. It was all very odd, not least because none of your items or magic follow you there. I was given four “tests” to do – a puzzle one, a breath-underwater one, a be-aware one, and finally, a fighting one. I’m stuck on the fighting one. I’m given a load of weapons and armour, and then thrust into an arena with two minotaurs. After about 20 goes, I can’t kill them. I can kill one without much of a problem, but the remaining one kills me. I did get his energy down to the tiniest of tiny notches, but died anyway. Bah.


  1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360) Response

    Hey, just use the lightening staff. You can fire from a long distance and simply stay away from the Minotaurs. in the older games you couldn’t use magic weapons like that so it threw me for a loop too.


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