The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

Started off by asking the Thieves’ Guild bloke for another job, but him saying I needed to nick more stuff and sell it to the guy in Bruma. So I warped there, stole more alembics and retorts and stuff from the Bruma Mage’s Guild and sold them on. For some reason, I didn’t go back to the Waterfront and carry on the Thievery, but instead went returned to the Arena.

I seem to have honed my block-then-attack skills somewhat now, as I found most of the opponents a real pushover. As a result, I gained two more ranks (to Champion) pretty quickly. My last fight, against the Yellow Team Champion and two of her “friends” was quite interesting, as I had a boar on my side. Which was just as well, as he was the one that killed all the other fighters. Hurrah for wild pigs!

After that, I went to Skingrad to buy some nice spells from the Mage’s Guild, and then popped over to Chorral to do the same. I then built up my Conjuration skills by casting Bound Gauntlets over and over, until I reached Level 25 – opening up the list of possible Conjuration spells I could cast.

I then spent a good 20 minutes producing skeletons and scamps out of thin air. ACES!

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