The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

Spent a while producing scamps and skeletons to raise up my Conjuration stats a bit, and then decided to go to Cheydinhal, since I’d never been there before and it’s the location of the next bit of the Thieves Guild questline. To get there, I warped to Imperial City, and the set off East on foot. Had a few bandits to contend with on the road, but they were easily killed with the help of a scamp!

Explored Cheydinhal for a bit, and the second person I talked to furthered a quest from aaaaaaages ago, completely accidentally. I’d spoken to someone in Chorral, on my very first trip there, who had suggested they’d seen someone who looked like a Chorral local when they were in Cheydinhal. And guess who I bumped into? They turned out to be twins, and so the Jemane brother from Cheydinhal ran off back to see his brother in Chorral. I then went and talked to other people, and found the Mage’s Guild.

I asked about a recommendation, and was told by the guild leader that I had to retrieve a Ring of Burden from the well out the back of the building. So I did, after talking to one of the other mages who helped me. Of course, the ring was bloody heavy, but I had a few feather spells and potions, so I didn’t drown (unlike the last person who had been sent in to get the ring…). The guild leader had then vanished, but I managed to expose him as a dabbler in necromancy (a bad thing, it seems). Anyway, got my recommendation.

I then did another quest in Cheydinhal, involving going inside a painting, and killing some painted trolls with turpentine. And the help of my scamp, of course.

Finally (for that town, for now at least), I went and stole the artifact from the Chapel Undercroft that Armand from the Thieves Guild had asked me to. Unfortunately, I killed the guard there, meaning I had to pay the Guild a 1,000 gold fine. Tch. Never mind though – I had the bust of some woman’s head, so took it back to Imperial City for Armand. Or rather, I would have done, if he wasn’t hiding. Someone framed him for the theft! Seems there was a guard’s plant in the Guild. I found out who, then planted the evidence on them. They were arrested, Armand came out of hiding, and I gained a rank in the Guild – and another achievement, and 10 more Gamerpoints! Had a sleep then, and went up another Level – to Level 8. Spent my points on Strength, Endurance and Intelligence.

But that wasn’t all for the day! I decided to check up on the Jemane brothers in Chorral, so warped over there and had a chat. It seems they were separated when their home (Weatherleah) was attacked by ogres. They wanted to return to it, but didn’t know where it was, or if it was still infested with ogres. Muggins here set out to find the answers to both questions. Didn’t take long to find it, and the ogres there were soon slain. Went back to Chorral, and took the brothers to their home. And that was the end of that quest!

My play time on Oblivion now stands in excess of 43 hours. That’s the longest I’ve played any game (bar Animal Crossing: Wild World) in quite some time. And I’m still nowhere near completion. Mainly due to me not following the main questline, but still.


  1. H, my name is Christopher and I work at One of our site users posted a question, and after reading yourr blog I figured that maybe you might have the game tip he needs answered. Here’s the question:
    “in elder scrolls IV: oblivion, i cant get through the door in the basement of the house thats down the shore of anvil. you see, i downloaded a mod that puts the armor of a pyramid head into the game im playing, and its behind a door called the sanctum of metatron but when i try to open the door it says “the seal of metatron repels you” . so please, give me a answer on how to get through the door.”
    If you know the answer to this, please write back at

  2. If you’d really read my blog, you’d know I haven’t yet been to Anvil. Not only that, but you’d see I have the Xbox 360 version of the game, for which there are no such mods. Also, if you work for, why would I need to post my “answer” to some random blog and not to either you, or itself?

  3. the door you are talking about is in an abnadoned house basement, and it should ask you for the answer to a question which is what is the color of night? The only way to get in to the door is to join the Dark BrotherHood Quild. Once you do that and go back to the door afterwards, it puts the correct question up there. What is behind the door is the a dark brotherhood santuary place. In order to join the dark brotherhood quild, you have to kill someone of importance in the game, well you dont have too, it can be any random person in the game, but someone you already r going to have to kill is suggested. Also, the person has to be someone, who is in atleast one non-evil guild. Once you do that, you to bed and sleep, and when you wake up there will be a guy in a black robe standing beside you. He is one of the main leaders of the dark brotherhood guild, and you will then be a member of there guild and then you will be able to enter the door in the basement of the abandoned house. It may sound like a lot of wook, but trust me it is easy, and just be sure you save the game before killing that one person, just in case you are caught, and especially if you are a member of the mages guild, becasue after all it is forbidden to kill, or steal anything.

    Christopher Rivenbark

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