Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Seeing as it was raining in Cheese, I thought I’d take the opportunity to go fishing. I haven’t in a while, and was hoping to catch a shark or something. But no. The gods conspired against me and gave me nothing but squid and clown fish. Rubbish.

Jay is sick. I have him/her some medicine, but it can die for all I care. Margie still won’t give me her picture, even though I’ve now given her NINE bits of furniture for her house, and Nan is still after some sort of knit that I don’t have access to.

Redd was about today, but I already had the opulent painting he was selling. Did buy a plant from him, however, that I didn’t think I had in my catalogue. Nook got a slap because he wanted to give me 80 bells for my turnips.

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