Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

You may have noticed I’ve not really played much in the way of games in the last few days. That’s because my PC’s hard drive has some bad sectors and I’ve been making sure everything is backed up before I take the plunge with a new hard drive and reinstall everything.

Anyway. Turnips were 122 bells today, which was (quite frankly) obscene, so I didn’t sell. Gave Margie yet another shirt, but still don’t have an aurura knit for Nan. No skull shirt yet either, but I’ve completely forgotten who it was who wanted one now, and I haven’t been asked for one again.

Popped over to see Red briefly, who had turnip prices at about 192 bells, but didn’t sell there either. He also insisted I saw his shark. Nice.

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