Hitman: Blood Money (Demo) (360)

Hitman: Blood Money (Demo) (360)

There are plenty of new-ish demos available to download on Xbox Live at the moment, and Hitman: Blood Money was the first I downloaded. I loved the first Hitman game on the PC, and have the second one for the Gamecube but never really got on with it. I wasn’t sure what to make of this, as a result.

Good: Uh. Lots of nice ways to kill people.
Bad: You might as well just shoot everyone, as the AI is so crap that killing some guy with a sub-machinegun doesn’t alert his mate stood next to him to your presence.

Good: You can shoot seagulls.
Bad: Which is more fun than the overly hand-holdy mission.

Good: Graphics are functional.
Bad: But that’s it. Looks just like the GC game.

Good: I don’t know. It’s a free demo?
Bad: The full game costs money.


  1. What difficulty are you playing at? (Does the demo give a choice?) I’ve never seen it do anything like that.

    The graphics look ace on my 360, at least.

    The demo mission is just a tutorial. They really, really, really needed to include the tutorial and a proper level, because the tutorial isn’t anything like the full game.

    The Rev
  2. I don’t think it gives you a choice of difficulty. I certainly didn’t choose one. The AI was really shot to bits though, especially the bit where I shot a guy at point blank range, face to face, didn’t kill him, nd he still didn’t see me.


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