The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

I didn’t actually do all that much today, even though I played for over an hour. I started by warping to Imperial City, and entered the Arcane University. After talking to some bloke there, I was promoted to Apprentice, and gained 10 more Gamerpoints (570 now) and another Achievement.

I was then given pretty much free run of the University, and so explored it a bit. There was a Library, full of books (obviously). Reading many of them boosted my skills a bit, which was good. Then there was a building full of alchemic ingredients, which, coupled with the extensive garden outside, took me almost to over-burdened status. I really should use some up in potions soon…

I also found two lectern things that make spells. Well, one makes spells – you mix and match different effects, ranges and strengths, and get a new spell. ACES! I made “Fire Killinat0r” which causes the victim to be hit by a fireball that both makes them more susceptible to fire damage, AND burns them. Double whammy! I created “Frost Killinat0r” too, which does the same, only with frost, obviously.

The other lectern thing lets you enchant items using soul gems. Again, you can apply effects to them. I enchanted my Sapphire Ring to become a Shield Ring, applying an 8% shield on me. Combined with my enchanted armour, my Weatherward Circlet Of Ubar Awesomeness, and my Breton character’s natural resistance to magic, I have about a 50% magic shield at all times now. Best. I considered enchanting my sword with burning powers, but I only had a petty soul gem to use, and the effect would be pretty minimal. I’ll go off soul hunting next time I play, I think.

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