The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

Another half an hour of searching later, and I finally found one of the tears. The thing about the tears, you see, is they’re pale blue and the size of a pea. The thing about the floor of Frostfire Glade, is it’s pale blue. So basically, you can’t see them unless you walk around randomly, looking at the floor the whole time. After finding the first, I managed to find the other four within about 20 minutes or so.

After that, I went back to Leyawiin to see the mage who wanted the tears, then went to Bravil to drop more stuff off in my house. From there, I town-hopped looking for someone to train me in Armory (as I have loads of enchanted items now, and I can’t repair those myself until I’m a Journeyman of Armory). When I found someone (in Chorral), I found I’d already been trained to my maximum for the level I was on, so went and slept in a bed in the Mage’s Guild taking me to Level 12. I boosted the same three stats as always. Did 5 lots of training, and then set off to find a cave south of Chorral to further another quest involving the twins at Weatherleah.

Basically, a Dark Elf had told me their father was a thief and had stolen a sword from the Count of Chorral. That in turn had been stolen by ogres at Weatherleah, and was now hidden in a cave. Found the cave, killed the ogres, and returned to Chorral. Didn’t give the sword to the elf, though – instead (as it was hinted to do so), I took it to the castle, and gave it to someone there. They were very relieved to have it back, and gave me a powerful enchanted shield in return. ACEBEST!

Went back to my house in Bravil again, and dumped some stuff – unneeded ingredients, my alchemy stuff (I don’t need to use them “on the road”), some old armour and my old shield. I’m much lighter now!

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