The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The first thing I did today, was go to Anvil’s castle to see the smithy and sell the few stolen items I had. I bought some cheap, crap, light armour from him, and then went outside and repeatedly summoned a demon, had it attack me, and then repaired the damage. The reason? To boost my armory skills. I’m now a Journeyman, which lets me repair enchanted items – just as well, as all my armour and some of my weapons are enchanted.

I then decided it was about time I did the next part of the main quest. It has been some 45 hours play since I last did anything on it. I had to find four volumes of a book on daedra worship (or something). Books one and two were easy enough to come across, and three was obtained from daedric cult member who I “turned” to the light. The fourth, however, required delving into the sewers of the Imperial City, meeting someone else from the cult, and killing him. Book get!

After popping back to see the librarian at the Arcane University regarding the books, I then decided to enchant my sword (seeing as I can now repair it!). I can now inflict 18 points of Shock Damage with each blow (in addition to the strike), and make the recipient susceptible to Shock by 25% for 8 seconds, which is enough time to get another strike in for MASSIVE DAMAGE.

In order to test this, I saved my game, and went into the university grounds. And slaughtered EVERYONE – mages, apprentices, battlemages, everyone. All dead. Best. Sword. Ever. Hilariously, I was booted out of the Mage’s Guild (the organisation, not the building) for killing a mage, and so couldn’t open any doors in the university due to them taking my key. Which meant I couldn’t leave. ACES.


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