The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

Played “properly” today, rather than kill everyone in sight. I loaded a pre-slaughter save, you see.

So, first task was to visit the woman in the Mystic Archives again, and she told me to come back later. I decided to wait around, and Amusei found me and told me I needed to see the Grey Fox in Cheydenhal. Off I went, and started the next Thieves Guild quest – to find the boots of Springheel Jak. Except he’s dead, and was buried in them.

His tomb was under a house in the Imperial City, and was guarded by a load of vampires who kept infecting me with vampirism, so many reloaded were required. Once I got the boots, [spoiler] happened, and then I returned to the Grey Fox.

By now the Mystic Archives woman could offer me more information on where to find the Mystic Dawn, but I’d already figured out the “puzzle” by myself. Soon found the location of their cave, and off in I went. Slaughtered everyone inside (my sword of Shock helping somewhat!) and nicked a book that took to Sean B…uh, Martin in Cloud Ruler Temple. I was then told there were spies in Bruma. Found one, and killed her, and now have information on where a second one is…

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