Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Turnip panic! Turnip panic!

I had 1,250,000 bells worth (at 95 bells or so each) of turnips to sell, and didn’t get a decent price in the week at all. And today Nook was offering just 46 bells! Noooo!

Luckily, my wife’s town had a price of 115 bells, which netted me a roughly 20% profit. Not the 4-500% I have been getting, but still – at least it isn’t a loss. It did take me some 45 minutes to make the 8 or 9 trips getting them all over there. Phew!

I have a new animal in Cheese today – Kabuki the Cat. She looks like a freak with some kind of samurai face painting going on. I hate her already. Before quiting for the day, I visited K.K. Slider (for it is Saturday) and he played me K.K. Love Song.

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