bit Generations Games (GBA)

bit Generations Games (GBA)

Wow! The boxes! I can’t believe how ACE the boxes for these three games look! They’re all sleek and square and shiny! So, the first three bit Generations games from Nintendo turned up today. They’re cheap, and simple, and “experimental”. And two of the three are sexbest.

First up, was Dotstream. It’s a racing game, but you control a line that races other lines. And there’s no accelerate or brake buttons, and you can only steer up and down. But it’s great! I completed the first GP, unlocked Formation Mode (where you have to steer several lines at once and collect dots), and really enjoyed it.

Then I played DialHex. It’s like a cross between Hexic and Tetris, only different. There’s no score, and you just have to arrange coloured triangles to create hexagons. Create enough of each colour (there are two to start) and you get another colour added to the mix. It is somewhat addictive.

Finally, there was Bounding. There are five game modes, all of which are basically variations on Pong. It isn’t awful, not by a long way, but the other two games seem original and fresh and “trendy”, and Bounding seems amateurish and dull and old.

If you want to buy them yourself, you can get them (and the other four in the series not yet released) from PlayAsia.

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