Galaga (360)

Galaga (360)

Bought this for 400 points on Xbox Live Arcade today, after briefly playing the demo and thinking the £3-ish was worth it. And it was.

It’s just Galaga, plain and simple. With achievements and a leaderboard system, which suddenly make it $hlmun times more enjoyable.

So I played through until I got to Level 30 (no, not all in one go – Level 25 in particular caused some problems!), unlocking all bar two of the achievements. I haven’t seen the Blue Spaceship thing yet, and haven’t completed a Challenge Stage 100%, but I have everything else. My Gamerscore now stands at about 1480 points, which is some rapid increase from the 900 it was just a couple of weeks ago.

Leaderboard-wise, however, my score is just 28,000-ish. Which puts me above SomethingWitty, and so serves a purpose.

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