The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

Oblivion Gate closing spree!

First off, I had to help Captain Burd close the gate outside of Bruma. This was a pretty short task, although Burd’s guards all died within seconds for being rubbish. With my wealth of enchanted items (I have a permanent 43% shield effect now, plus 10% for fire, front and shock, 50% for magic, and 20% reflect damage, on top of my sword of shock and assorted enchanted arrows) I barely suffered a scratch.

With the Sigil Stone got, it was back to Jauffre who said more gates were on the way, and I needed to enlist the help of the other cities to help defend Bruma and Cloud Ruler Temple. Off I went to Cheydenhal, where the Count told me he’d help, but only if I went into the Gate nearby and found his son and close it. So I did, but his idiot son died, and his idiot son’s even more retarded friend dived off a bridge and into some lava for no reason at all. Anyway, the tower was quick and easy, and the gate was soon closed without any problems. The Count was pleased I closed it, and sent some help to Bruma.

I dumped some stuff (mainly daedra hearts and scamp skins, as well as some aces daedric weaponry) at my house in Bravil, then went to see the Count there for help. Again, he wanted the local Gate closed, so in I went. This one was a bit of a long trek, as I had to find a mechanism to unlock a war gate inside (which took ages to find), then do the tower. Luckily, it was all pretty simple, if time-consuming, and I was soon able to get more help up to Bruma. Returned to Cloud Ruler Temple to see what was going on (nothing) and saved my game. 83 hours in now!


  1. “and his idiot son’s even more retarded friend dived off a bridge and into some lava for no reason at all”

    The EXACT same thing happened to me last night. Well to him. Stupid lava seal that he is.

    Robot Hive
  2. The characters in that game are so retarded. I had problems with Burd and the gate he is supposed to watch me close.

    I went in and killed some of the monsters since the characters are always idiotic and die and run right in front of you when you’re trying to chop a monster or something so you accidentally chop them instead. I wanted to get rid of some monsters first.

    Well Burd and his idiot soldiers follow me in when I went in after doing most of the pre-killing. And then they just stood by the gate inside even though I kept telling them to follow me. It wouldn’t let me complete the quest without the ultra retarded Burd there to watch me grab the stone. Even though I’d killed all the monsters on my own by then.

    So finally I had to PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE THREE TIMES to get him to chase me to try and kill me. It was the only way to get him to move. So I ran through the whole oblivion gate with him trying to chop me to pieces. I finally got him into the room with the stone and grabbed it while he was there chopping at me.

    It satisfied the quest since he was there, but then I had to cheat and get rid of my bounty that I got for punching him in the face.

    Those NPCs really are insanely retarded. Any time I have to do a quest with one along I want to shoot myself in the head.


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