The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360): COMPLETED!

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360): COMPLETED!

NINETY-ONE HOURS of gaming on Oblivion, and I’ve finally completed it. The last few play sessions have been a concerted effort to stay on-track and “do” the main quest, and it culminated this afternoon with me gaining the title Champion of Cyrodiil. I’m Winner!

I won’t spoil everything, but needless to say it was a pretty long slog. My first task today was to obtain part of Tiber Septim’s armour, stained with his blood. It was in a dungeon, and I had to “free” some Undead Blades there to get it. That was Part Two of Martin’s set of things he needed to open a portal to Paradise.

Part Three was a Great Welkynd Stone, found in some Aelyid Ruins near to Chorral, and Part Four was a Great Sigil Stone. The Great Sigil Stone quest was somewhat “epic”, with all of the soldiers from all of the towns in Cyrodiil, assisted by Martin and Jauffre, defending Bruma whilst I nipped inside a huuuuuge Oblivion Gate in a race against time to shut it down.

After that, I could warp to Paradise, and kill Camoran Mankar, and finally do the last bit of the main quest after that and “win” the game. Phew!

And now begins the rest of the game. I have almost all of the Fighters Guild and Dark Brotherhood quests to do, and still a few Mages Guild things to finish off. And that’s beside all of the other side-quests, AND the downloadable content to add to the game. 91 hours, and I bet I’m not even half way done…

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