Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Let me tell you about how strange Animal Crossing is. Well, perhaps not strange as such, just a little wrong. Or warped. Or something.

Sally and Kody were talking, and if two animals are talking you can kind of listen in (and sometimes take part) in their conversation. So Kody says to Sally: “No! Keep away from me! Don’t come near me!”. Sally responds with “Eh? What? Why? I’m not going to hurt you!”. “No, it isn’t that! I was doing lightning thrusts and split my pants!”, says Kody, embarrassed. Sally laughs at him, but then says, “Er, hang on… you don’t wear any pants! So… what exactly did you split?”. “Uh, I have to go!”, replies Kody, and leaves.

Totally, totally wrong.

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