Pac-Land (PCE)

Pac-Land (PCE)

I’ve just realised – I’ve had this game for ages but haven’t added it to my Games List. How lax of me.

Anyway. With a new TV also comes the ability to play NTSC-based consoles, which I haven’t been able to do previously. This, of course, means that I got the PC Engine Duo-R out, and played some games on it. First up, Pac-Land.

I loved it in the arcade, and was always disappointed with every home version I’d ever played since. They all lacked something – either the graphics were crap, the game was different, or it ended up being flick-screen. Not so with the PCE version! It’s PERFECT. I’d soon managed to get half way through the second trip, but as I was never especially good at it, I got no further. Bah.

One bizarre thing, is the controls. To go left and right, you don’t press left and right, but I and II (for those not in the know about PCE pads, I and II are like B and A on a NES pad). To jump, you press any direction on the D-pad. It’s loopy.

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