Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting (360)

Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting (360)

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I played this quite a bit more, mainly on Ranked Matches against random people. I didn’t do too badly either, as it turned out – playing 20 matches and winning 14 of them. There was a huge divide between the attitudes of the UK and US players. Generally, UK players will say “Oh, too bad!” if you lose, and “Well played!” if you win. US players will say “WTF? You cheated! You can’t do that move! That isn’t allowed! I’m so gonna report you, you fag!” when you win, and “HAHAHAHA! You suck so bad, you loser!” when you lose. One US player reported me when I won, and sent me a message saying not to quit just because I lost. How childish.

Anyway. I then played offline for a while, but couldn’t get any further than the fifth round. I did, however, manage to unlock a few more Achievements by playing as all 12 fighters, and for winning 10 ranked matches. Hurrah! That bumped my gamerscore to just over 2000 points.

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