Time Pilot (360)

Time Pilot (360)

Time Pilot was on the Xbox Live Arcade downloads thingy today. I have played it a bit before (and actually have a copy of it on Konami Arcade Advanced for the GBA), but I don’t remember it being very good, nor me being very good at it.

So I bought it anyway (400 points, about £3.40-ish), and it’s great. I think it’s the online leaderboards that make it – just like Pac-Man and Frogger and all the other arcade “classics”.

On my first go, I managed 92,000 points. That got me to first place on my friend’s list instantly, but I was soon beaten when other people got scores of around 110,000. Then, somehow, I managed to get “in the zone” and knocked up 245,000 points. I also unlocked most of the achievements in the game, with only three remaining. Acecellent.

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