Saints Row (360)

Saints Row (360)

Spent about 20 minutes car collecting when I first started playing today. I now have about 60 cars in my garage (including a SWAT van, a load of Five-Os and a couple of ambulances), which gained me the “50 cars owned” achievement. I then went and bought all the clothes I could find (which wasn’t really very much), and then went back to doing Mayhem missions. Which were fun, as always.

After that, I decided to play online for a bit. Joined in on a 5 vs 5 “Protect the Pimp” game, which my team lost 3-2. I suspect it was all down to me, as I died almost instantly each round. I did get one kill in, though!

Then I played the “Big-Ass Chains” game, where I collected a total of no chains at all, but my team won anyway – but only just. I did make a few kills, however.

Finally, I played what was essentially a deathmatch in a multistorey car park. There were four of us playing, or at least I thought that was the case until I realised two people were bots. Anyway, I lost. Rubbish.

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