Saints Row (360)

Saints Row (360)

Teh Vice Kings haev teh ded! Huzzah! I completed the last VK mission, and they’re all gone from the map. WINNAR.

After that, I spent a while collecting some more cars, then bought loads of bling (which got me an achievement, and also gives me 15% bonus on respect on each mission I complete), then went and did some hijack missions. After that, I did a few more Insurance Fraud missions (and got myself a bonus of less damage taken when I get hit by a car), and then found two vehicles for the Chinatown Chop Shop.

Oh yes, and I ran lots of people down.

Whilst looking for the fire engine at the airport, I somehow hit a rock near the runway and grounded my car. It refused to move, so I jumped out – straight into a small pool of water. And I couldn’t get out again. I couldn’t move (the pool was too small), I couldn’t jump (as it was too deep), couldn’t warp to shore (as I wasn’t technically swimming), and so I ended up having to save an reload. Hilarity.

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