Saints Row (360): COMPLETED!

Saints Row (360): COMPLETED!

Hurrah! Seeing off Price’s semi was much easier in an Aqua (a HumVee, basically) full of homies, rather than the crap car you’re given for the mission. After a couple of attempts, Price was dead and the game was over!

…except, it wasn’t. The credits rolled, but then there were a few more missions to sort out. The police had got involved with the gang wars, and Julius had been arrested by a bent cop. I won’t spoil it for you, but the “real” final missions were somewhat, er, explosive…

So then the credits rolled again, only more so, and I played around on some of the multiplayer missions for a while, coming quite close to winning an all-out “Big Ass Chains” session, and failing to score much at all on some deathmatch games. Tch.

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