Ridge Racer 6 (360)

Ridge Racer 6 (360)

Nooooo! Project Gotham has broken it! The handling on Project Gotham is so completely different, that I really struggled to control my Kilik Starnose thingie and it’s wierd drifting mechanism. Try as I might, I just couldn’t complete one of the tracks.

So, I changed my plan to do a “loop” on the map into a plan to make my way across the bottom of the map to the right. This meant that I could use my Gaplus car instead, and managed about 6 or 7 more tracks in that way.

I then had a go at a “reverse charge” track I’d opened up, which gave me two lots of nitrous to start with, but I couldn’t figure out how to charge the bar up, so lost. Perhaps the manual would help.

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