Saints Row (360)

Saints Row (360)

With the game complete, I set about doing some of the activities, and trying some of the achievements. First up, destroying helicopters. Picked up three homies, and sat outside a Forgive and Forget shooting stuff. The police soon turned up, and I killed them, and eventually police helicopters arrived. After shooting several down, things got a bit hectic so I nipped in for a quick confessional, and the heat was off again. 13 helicopters down, 37 to go! This will take forever!

I then decided to finish off the Chop Shop missions, interspersed with some hostage-taking. I’d managed all bar two of the cars for the two locations, and then found then I could buy a Zenith, which I needed, from Foriegn Power. Except I couldn’t, as my garage was full. I then found that taking cars out of your garage and blowing them up doesn’t actually remove them from the garage. I then found, after half an hour of removing cars and blowing them up, that I’d been removing the same cars over and over again – they respawn in the garage. Bah. It seems there’s a button to press to “remove” them instead. I am blind, it seems.

Anyway, so I bought a Zenith, had it pimped as required, and then had a power cut. Rubbish.

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