Serious Sam: Next Encounter (GC)

Serious Sam: Next Encounter (GC)

There’s a pattern emerging in this game. Collect the item with the big yellow arrow above it, and you get attacked by a million baddies all at once.

Anyway. I managed to get through all of Rome, killing a huge thing with loads of arms, and then moved on to China. I wasn’t aware that much of China was actually in the desert, but that’s where most of this level has taken place so far. The baddies are much the same as in Rome, with a few additions (such as monkeys with knives). I found a few (minor) puzzles which broke up the action a bit, but mostly it was just running and shooting.

Finally, I reached the end of China, and killed a multi-headed thing, with each head attacking in a different way. It was actually pretty hard to kill, not least because of the lava pits in the floor that I kept falling in…

Then it was off somewhere else. I’ve done one level, in the snow, which at one point involved killing about a hundred bulls.

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