Serious Sam: Next Encounter (GC)

Serious Sam: Next Encounter (GC)

I have about ten million known good games as-yet unstarted sitting on my shelf. Things like Metroid Prime: Echoes and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. I even got Fahrenheit cheaply this morning. So what did I decided to pick up and play today? Well, this obviously.

Graphically, it’s nothing special. Originality is out the window. The puzzles are few and simple, and there’s nothing much to recommend it. However, there’s lots to shoot and the dialogue is genuinely funny. Best of all, it’s not another FPS set in a grey and brown world.

Imagine Timesplitters 3 crossed with Gauntlet in brightly coloured areas. Swarms of things to kill. In fact, it’s a mow’em down, not a shoot’em up, there’s so many things to shoot.

So I’ve started off in Ancient Rome, filled with ED209s, green frogs with giant toothsome mouths, four-armed giants and men who expode. And centurians on chariots who shoot rockets at you. As you do, you know. I’ve worked through quite a few sections so far, having spent about an hour and a half on it. Some courtyard bits, a vineyard, a cave, a waterfall and some more parts of a castle. I’m heading to Rome, apparently.

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