Super Monkey Ball Adventure (GC)

Super Monkey Ball Adventure (GC)

Ooook mook monkey ook eek mook ook EEK! Ook oooook monkey ei! ei! Oooook ei mook! EEK! Oook monkey ei ei monkey monkey oook! Ei! EEK! Mook oook monkey ook!

And so on. That’s all the dialogue in the game. It is driving me mental.

Also driving me mental is the camera. And the fact that the game just isn’t really all that great. And that I’m stuck – that doesn’t actually help. I’m still on Jungle Island. I can’t light the tower thing as I have no wood (except all the trees, huts, crates, barrels and all sorts of other things, obviously), and I seem to have run out of other things to do.

And Monkey Target is RUBBISH. They’ve totally broken it.

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