Super Monkey Ball Adventure (GC)

Super Monkey Ball Adventure (GC)

Oooky monkey oook eek! IRRITATING.

So I’ve managed to get the warp spells for Zootopia and Moonhaven. Off I went to Zootopia, and managed to get all of about two “quests” done. I can’t for the life of me do any more though. I also got the spell for turning invisible too. Great.

Then I thought I’d give Moonhaven a try. Nope. Could only find ONE errand to start, failed it as it’s plainly impossible, and then couldn’t find anyone else to speak to. Did, however, get a couple more spells – Scalarball and Stickyball.

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  1. hiii..
    i saw ur gaming diary..
    i have problem to find scalarball…
    from walkthrough i read,
    it said to get after talk to Little Un's on Levers monkey n then turn around,
    n d monkey that give chant will be there..
    but i cant find d Little Un's on Levers monkey…
    can u help me??
    thanx a lot before… =)


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