Super Monkey Ball Adventure (GC)

Super Monkey Ball Adventure (GC)

Totally fed up with this game now. I’ve managed a few more things in Zootopia, including the flying-to-get-monkeys-in-balloons, the test-your-strength, and a couple of others, but two are really, really annoying me.

First up is the one where you have to go invisible and creep round a shooting gallery. You have virtually no camera control, so it’s hard. And it’s rubbish.

Secondly, is the one where you have to get eight balloons for a monkey. I’d started it accidently many times, and accidently picked up one particular balloon en-route elsewhere. However, when it came to collecting the balloons “for real”, it simply wouldn’t register that I’d touched it to grab it. I’d even got all 7 other balloons, and stood directly under the remaining balloon so that the string was inside my monkey, and it STILL wouldn’t let me pick it up. Gah! It has to be a bug, surely?

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