Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam (DS)

Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam (DS)

Hurrah for Tony Hawk! I started out this year with a flurry of Hawk activity, completing Tony Hawk games at an alarming rate. Then I ran out. But look! There’s a new one! Sort of!

Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam isn’t a proper, “traditional”, Tony Hawk game. I was a bit worried about it, in fact, as it seemed to be an entire game based around the concept of the single “Downhill Jam” level from some of the other games. My least favourite level of all time. Luckily, then, that it’s actually good. Very good, in fact.

Rather than have large, free-roaming levels where you do assorted goals and stuff, the game is much more like an urbanised Amped or something. Each level is a downhill race, but there are other goals to do which are more like normal Hawk games. You still have most of the tricks from the other games, so the controls are the same. However, reverts are missing, which was confusing at first, but since tricks don’t have to instantly follow each other (you get a couple of seconds grace), they’re not really needed.

So far, I’ve done the first “level”, set in San Francisco, and have moved on to Edinburgh.

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  1. WHEY! Yeah it is pretty good, I’ve only got about as far as you though. Will try out WiFi later, should be cool! Oh and my name is in the credits because my artwork from American Sk8land has been preset and included in it 😉 It’s the pic of the skater jumping in the air with the secret tape next to him and “Sk8” written above him 🙂


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