Viva Pinata (360)

Viva Pinata (360)

It’s an explosion of cute, right in your eyes!

Despite the fact that Rare haven’t made a decent game in about 10 years, I went ahead and bought Viva Pinata anyway. Mainly for my wife, but also because it’s a bit Animal Crossing-y and Harvest Moon-y and I liked both of them. And it’s great. And cute.

I put about two hours into it so far. I started off with a ruined, untidy garden, and some woman called Leafos gave me a spade. I set about clearing the place up, and some Whirlms moved in. They made baby Whirlms, and attracted some Sparrowmints. Who ate them.

This wasn’t really so graphic, but was a taste of things to come…

I then had sightings of all sorts of other Pinata wildlife – a Doenut, some Tafflies, a Mousemallow, and assorted moth and butterfly things. I grew some seeds, harvested some carrots, and then a Bunnycomb moved in. He was very cute. He was great.

Until a wandering Pretztail (much like a fox) came into my garden and savagely killed and ate my cute little Bunnycomb. I cried for hours.

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