We Love Katamari (PS2): COMPLETED!

We Love Katamari (PS2): COMPLETED!

After much playing of this today, and rolling up piles of animals, some clouds, loads more flowers, a gingerbread house, the sumo bloke again, and entire continents (including volcanoes, some sort of god, and a giant 1km octopus), I completed it.

I finally created enough celestial bodies to allow me to roll up the Earth, into these planets and moons and stuff, and then move on and actually roll up the Sun. No, really.

Excellent. And an excellent game too. I may only have been playing it for three days, but I’ve played it a lot, and I can see there’s a load of replay value too. That’s game number 44 for the year then, just in time for the end of 2006!


  1. Well, I have Castlevania: Circle of the Moon about 50% complete, but I can’t see me doing that before the end of tomorrow. Mind you, I’ve also got ToeJam and Earl on standby too. Hmm…


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