Cruncher in Mazeland (PC)

Cruncher in Mazeland (PC)

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That’s right – not only did I buy the staggering game that is Lady Cruncher, I found next to it another game: Cruncher in Mazeland. You heard me. It’s a sequel!

Here’s a quick review:

Cruncher in Mazeland is a Pac-Mania clone, only from the same camera angle as the Saturn game Bug! and stars a toilet/robot hybrid in drag. On each level you collect balls, bananas or coconuts (instead of dots) and giant balls or apples (instead of power-pills) which let you grow huge and eat the marauding evil robots. Sometimes you need to collect keys to open pathways.

The graphics are crap, the camera angle makes depth perception difficult (artificially making certain levels harder), and the sound effects are rubbish.

Overall, not worth a pound.

The astute amongst you may have spotted the similarity between this Cruncher and the other one. In fact, the only difference is the main “character” and the fact you get to choose a “world” to start on. Joy.

I did three levels then slit my wrists.

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