Jetpac Refuelled (360)

Jetpac Refuelled (360)

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Today’s new XBLA game was this – a remake of the 1983 Spectrum game, which also includes the 1983 Spectrum game!

First up was a go on “Refuelled” mode (the new version). It’s very much like the Jetpac of old, just with new graphics, some power-ups and smart-bombs. Thankfully, this just makes it feel like a very late sequel, rather than a new game hiding under the banner of a classic retro game (see: Sabrewulf for the GBA – urgh).

Progressed to level 8, getting a score of around 190,000. I thought that was pretty good, until I saw that SomethingWitty had over 260,000. Bah. Thankfully, I shot his feeble sub-7000 score on “Retro” mode to bits, with a 20,000 beater. TAKE THAT!


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