Worms (360)

Worms (360)

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Firstly, I played some more of Challenge Mode, and won two games with ease. Then, I played online. My first game against two other people didn’t last long, as one surrendered on his first go, and the other then quit. My second game, however, was much better.

It was against three other people, and I won. Aces. Only just though, and mainly only because it went to sudden death just before my turn. I got a few achievements too, including one for playing a 4-player online game.

After that, I played against Beck (no, not the singer/songwriter, this Beck here) and some random person. I lost, she came second. I think she cheated. Well, clearly she cheated. Ahem.

Finally, I played a few games offline with my wife. I won them all.


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