3D Ultra Minigolf (360): COMPLETED!

3D Ultra Minigolf (360): COMPLETED!

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Had much better luck with on the Explorer course today, managing to finish with 7 under par. I was actually 15 under par way through the first day, but that stupid carnival level with the card suits that flash over a hole messed up on me, as I kept rebounding off the hole, or got stuck in it only to be launched over the course entirely. Rubbish.

Having done that, I moved on to Adventurer, which is two days of all 36 holes. After day one, I was at 7 under, but I finished at just -1 on the second and final day as once again the carnival card hole dropped me 8 shots. Grr!

But, all done now – just in time for more XBLA release goodness tomorrow!

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