Guitar Hero II (360)

Guitar Hero II (360)

“Jordan” on Expert is impossible. I would just like to make that known.

I mean, everything on Hard is impossible (for me) anyway, but I though I’d just have a try of Jordan on Expert as it nets you an achievement if you beat it. 3% complete. 4%. 5%. Then 3% again. Not a chance in hell.

So I tried practising it. On the slowest setting. And still I couldn’t really progress without nine out of ten notes being somewhat bum. Then, the solo near the end just made me cry. As I wrote elsewhere:

Even on the slowest practice setting, it weren’t doing. Especially the bit near the end, where you seem to have to press three buttons at once, but randomly change which three every one thousandth of a second.

That’s a no, then.

Then I decided to play on Easy for a bit. Having Perfected two songs in a row, I’d managed a note streak of 315 or so, then 460. I was going to get myself the 1000-note streak achievement, wasn’t I?

No, I wasn’t. Halfway into the next song, “Achievement Unlocked!” appeared. ACES! I thought. And paused the game to check. Only to find it actually said “Buckskin is Online”. Unpausing, and I lost it. HATE.

I will be removing everyone from my friends list so that this will never happen again.


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