Mighty Bomb Jack (Wii)

Mighty Bomb Jack (Wii)

This was new on the Wii Virtual Console last night, and as I had a look through the VC shop, I thought – why not? So I bought it.

I’m not really sure what to think. It is to Bomb Jack what Super Monkey Ball Adventure is to Super Monkey Ball. It had the Bomb Jack “idea”, but then turns it into a scrolly platformer with standard Bomb Jack levels as the end of level “bosses”. Sort of. There’s also the addition of the Mighty powers, which allow you to do amazing things like open treasure chests from the side instead of the top (gosh!) and open orange treasure chests as well as brown ones (amazing!) – Mighty indeed!

I played it for an hour or so, but on my many plays I managed to reach only Level 5. I think there are 16 in total, and there’s no save points, continues or even mid-level restart points. I remember when all games were like this!

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