The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (360)

Played loads today. Loads. And loads. First off was relighting the great torch, which involved finding a place where there were two altars, one controlled by the Dementia Dark Seducers and the other by the Mania Golden Angels.

Of course, they didn’t want to cooperate with each other to light both, so instead I had to wipe one lot out. I decided to kill off the Dark Seducers simply because they scare me a little. With that, I had the two altars lit, and it was back to the church in Bliss/Crucible to light a fire there. I had to choose either Mania or Dementia, so as a karma thing, I chose Dementia.

Sheogorath then appeared, and asked me to become one of his dukes. Which duke I became was up to me, but basically, it meant I had to kill off either Thalon or Syl and replace them. Again with the choices… I picked Syl, as I thought she might be easier to dispatch, as I expected just a straightforward fight. But no – she’d done a runner down some secret path and I had to go in and get her, killing more Dark Seducers on the way. Tch.

Once she was dead, I was made Duke of Dementia, and got an achievement; but then found out that there was an achievement for becoming Duke of Mania too – game reloading FTL. Did it anyway, and poisoned Thalon, became Duke of Mania, and got that achievement too. Then it was back to my “proper” save, and I carried on.

The Fringe had gone all grey! Because of the Graymarch, of course. And my Dark Seducers were defending it. Had to help out there, then enter an underground passageway to destroy an obelisk. Found a Passwall refugee down there too. After that, I went back to Sheogorath and he said we need a new Gatekeeper. Off I went again, to another dungeon to find the woman wot makes Gatekeepers, and she’s now send me off to her sanctum to find “ingredients”. Do I look like Igor?


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