Catan (360)

Catan (360)

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Due to technical reasons (that allow you to unlock the full game for free), the trial version of Catan (which I really should stop mentally adding “The Forever Man” to the end of) wasn’t available to download today. So I thought, bugger it – it’s only money! And bought it anyway.

And I’m glad I did, as it’s great! Imagine a cross between Civilisation and the card game Rummy, with added board game Hotel. No, I’m serious. You have a hexagonal board, where you obtain resources depending on where you’ve got settlements and the roll of a dice, then you trade your resources with others, and build roads and more settlements and cities with them, which nets you even more resources.

I played through the “learn as you play” mode, and won after about 40 minutes play. Ace!

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