Eledees (Wii): COMPLETED!

Eledees (Wii): COMPLETED!

Most of today’s levels (from 13-ish up to 29, the final one) took place in a theme park, with rides and stuff. And lots of giant biscuits, chess pieces and dice. No, really.

I had two bosses to contend with too – a big fat one who kept collecting baubles off a Christmas tree to power up, and then bellyflop me, and then, after the last few levels (during which I managed to lift entire fairground rides!) it was the end of game boss.

Who, as is commonplace so often now, came in two forms. The first one was easy to dispatch, requiring you to just smack it with scenery a bit. The second form was also pretty simple, if a little odd. The boss entered the body of a giant robot, complete with guns. You have to unscrew all the giant bolts holding it together, literally with a screwing motion of the remote. Ace.

Anyway, he was soon killed, and the end of game sequence ensued. BEST!

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